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Spirit Hair and Beauty for Ladies and Gents.Inside the Spirit salon.

Standard Rate Price List

Cut and blow dry£35.00
Wash and cut£30.00
Dry cut£25.00
Blow dry£20.00
Shampoo and set£19.00
Cut, shampoo and set£30.00
Cut, perm and finish£60.00
An additional £5 for long hair
Full head tint and blow dry£68.00
Roots and dry£40.00
Full head tint, cut and blow dry£79.00
Highlights full head and dry£84.00
Highlights full head, cut and dry£95.00
Highlights 1/2 head and dry£69.00
Highlights 1/2 head, cut and dry£80.00
T-Bar and dry£60.00
T-Bar, cut and dry£73.00
Biolarge cera repair conditioning£7.50

All over clippers£9.00
Dry cut£12.00
Wash and cut£14.00
Wash, cut and blow dry£18.00
Beard trim£4.00
Under 5 years£8.00
5 - 10 years
Dry cut£10.00
Wet cut£12.00
Wet cut and blow dry£14.00
10 - 15 years
Dry cut£12.00
Wet cut£14.00
Wet cut and blow dry£16.00
An additional £5 for long hair

Senior Rates on Tuesdays

Shampoo and set or blow dry£15.00
Wash and cut£20.00
Wash, cut and dry£25.00
Dry cut£8.00
Wash and cut£10.00
Wash, cut and dry£12.00

£10.00 discount on colouring/perm

£2.50 discount on biolarge conditioning treatment


KeraStraight has been designed to simultaneously repair and straighten and gives amazing benefits to all hair types. With the power of keratin, 22 carat gold and new low pH protein, the hair is left luscious, healthy, smoother and stronger and can last for up to 4 months.

Keratin is a natural compound and is the protein that gives hair its strength. KeraStraight rebuilds the keratin within the hair that has been lost working on both internal cortex and external protective layer, the cuticle. The result is hair that has added elasticity, strength, vitality and incredible shine providing a smooth, soft and straightened finish.

The Process is fortified with the addition of nano-molecules of 22 carat gold which extract negative ions within the hair producing the highest consistency enabling this gentlist of treatments to give the most stunning results.

If you would like a KeraStraight treatment, please call 01903 367 118 to book an appointment.